Ohio FAIR Plan C l a i m s
2500 Corporate Exchange Drive | Suite 250 | Columbus, OH 43231
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Claims Department

The Ohio FAIR Plan Underwriting Association Claims Department will adjust the claims on behalf of the Ohio FAIR Plan (OFP). Notices of claim can be received in letter form, on ACORD Forms or by telephone, fax, or e-mail. Notification may come from the insurance agent, attorney, insured, or claimant. All correspondence is to be directed to:

Ohio FAIR Plan Claims Department
2500 Corporate Exchange Dr., Suite 250
Columbus, OH 43231

If the claim requires immediate attention, contact may be made by telephone. The phone numbers are 614-839-6446 or inside Ohio at 800-282-1772.

Weekend callers are directed to a voice mail. Staff will be listening to the voice mails throughout the weekend and returning calls that are emergencies. Directions will be given to assist the process.

The Property Claim Form can be completed and forwarded via e/mail. Please complete the form as completely as possible. As mentioned above, if the claim requires immediate attention, please call the Claim Department.

Questions or concerns can be made via e-mail to claims@ohiofairplan.com.